Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gratuitous hair post

My hair throughout the three years I've lived in DC:

A midnight-black bob:

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Red and short:
Hot red hair and a hot blue Corvette
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Growing it out, flipping it up, and lightening it:
longer and flippy
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Blonde and long and such a bad color for my skintone (but when I had that tan, woo!):
blonde and pale
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The current incarnations... long, auburn, and curly:
New Year's style
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That's a lot of hair

And BRIGHT RED (my hair vs. Jean Grey of the X-Men):
Jean Grey for Halloween, here I come!
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Edited to add a new hairstyle on 12/8!
Finally a HAIRCUT. Oh man, I can't tell you how much I needed it. My stylist said, "Are you sure you want to cut that much?" Yes, I was sure. (When you can't brush the tangles at the end of the day, your hair is NOT healthy. Actually, I think the five inches she cut off were the last bits of bleached hair from last summer.)
She asked why, and told a story about a woman who was meeting her boyfriend's parents for the first time and wanted to chop all her hair off. But Jenn persuaded her not to, because she'd spent so much time coloring and highlighting this woman's long hair. Stylists as therapists.
So I'm back to the Scully hair -Season 8, this time, it looks like. The photo's cropped funny so you can see my star lights (courtesy of IKEA). They're probably the only lights I'm going to hang all year, but I've got a wreath on the door and Christmas carols in my heart. *cough*


Golden Silence said...

The style with the flipped-up ends seems the most flattering to you.

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